A total transformation

This is a time of renaissance. A time of change. A time of starting afresh, renewed and re-energized. 60 Wall Street is the vanguard of this change. Once a huge fortress for finance, 60 Wall Street is changing into an open, welcoming, state-of- the-art headquarters with vast, light-filled contiguous spaces that feel great to work in.


With sweeping views that thrill and inspire across Manhattan and a welcoming public atrium, 60 Wall Street thrives on the energy of a place undergoing transformation.

Wall Street Lobby

View of atrium

Open Spaces

Lush greenery and abundant natural light promote a sense of space, openness, and wellness. Combined with the scale of the double-height space in the transformed lobby and public atrium at 60 Wall Street, entrants will be received by both a sense of grandeur and renewed energy, no matter the direction from which they enter: Wall Street, Pine Street or the subway station beneath the building.

The bright, open, double-height space is airy and light, allowing efficient and easy access between the two entrances as well as to and from the subway station beneath the building and up to the mezzanine floor above the entrance.

Connectivity at your doorstep

60 Wall Street is one of the most well-connected buildings in Downtown Manhattan, with a subway station for lines 2 and 3 connecting directly into the building on the lower ground floor level. Once in the lobby, the Fulton Street Station, ferry terminals and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport are all just moments away and the building is within walking distance to 10 additional subway lines.

Subway Entrance at 60 Wall
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